Retinal photography and visual field tests
New digital retinal photography now available in store.*

As part of our continual commitment to offer you the best in eye care we can take a digital retinal picture as part of your eye health regime. The picture is a detailed image of your retina - the back of your eye - allowing you to see what we see; as well as keeping a permanent photographic reference of your eye health so we can review it again when you come back to see us next time. For a small fee we'll even print you out a copy of your own Retina if you wish!
*available in our Limavady store only.

With our recent renovations, we have invested in the latest technology to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. One of these investments is our new Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field screener.

Using the latest Zeiss equipment, we can check your peripheral and central visual field testing the nerves at the back of your eye and the optic nerve which passes through the brain on its journey to the visual cortex The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser which is the gold standard of the industry and as such is approved by the DVLA. This means we can measure your fitness to drive a car, fitness to drive a taxi or heavy goods vehicle, ability to join the armed forces and other services such as police or fire brigade. It is also the the screener most commonly used in hospital eye departments throughout the country. With the Humphrey Field Analyser we can identify hundreds of different visual problems such as glaucoma, Cataract and Stroke.